Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rupert Spira - I Am

I am
I have no words to express Myself but all words express only Me
I have no meaning but impart meaning to all that is perceived
I am without beginning and end but all things begin and end in Me
I have no name but am called by all names
I have no form but all form indicates Me
I have no origin but am the origin of all things
I am without division but all divisions exist in Me
I exist by Myself

I am the longing in sadness and the longed for in all longing
I am the expecting and the expected in all expectation
I am the restlessness of the restless
I am the peace of the peaceful
I am happiness

I cannot be contemplated but am the object of all contemplation
I am imperceivable yet you perceive only Me
I am full but have nothing
I am empty but contain all
I give away everything but am never diminished
I receive all but never expand
I am everyone’s lover
I shine

I speak but am silent
I move but am motionless
I see but cannot be seen
I hear but cannot be heard
I taste but cannot be tasted
I smell but cannot be smelt
I touch but cannot be touched
I smile

Whatever appears appears in Me but I never appear
I am the silence in music and the music in silence
I am concealed in the world but reveal the world
I am the womb and the tomb of all that exists
I offer and contain in one gesture like an open bowl
I give Myself unconditionally to all things
I receive all things without choice
I am empty

I am the knowing in all that is known
I am the experiencing in all that is experienced
I am the allowing of all seeming things
I am pure sensitivity, openess and availability
I am the sun in the moon
I am the friendship of friends
I am knowing and unknowing
I am dark in the day and bright at night
I am luminous

Time borrows its continuity from My ever-presence
Space borrows its permanence from My unlimitedness
All colours borrow their light from Me
All lovers borrow their love from Me
All things borrow their existence from Me
I am abundant

I am eclipsed by you but you are illumined by Me
I am ‘yours’ and ‘mine’
I am the ‘yes’ in the ‘no’
I am the ‘now’ in the ‘then’
I am the ‘here’ in the ‘there’
I am the ‘me’ in the ‘you’
I am the ‘this’ in the ‘that’
I am the ‘always’ in the ‘never’
I am

I am the uncertainty of all things and the certainty of uncertainty
I am the security of insecurity
I am the true in the false
I am the dignity in pride
I am the reality of an illusion
I am the existence of all that exists
I am an open secret

I move but am motionless am motionless but move
I am concealed in boredom but am not boring
I am veiled by doubt but am not myself in doubt
I live beneath fear but am neither afraid nor frightening
I abide in Myself

If you look in front I am behind
If you look behind I am in front
If you look above I am below
If you look below I am above
I hide Myself but reveal Myself
I dance

I am immanent and transcendent
I am the bright, self-luminous emptiness of the mirror
and the dancing colourful images that appear in it
I am the light in all experience

I break open the body and spread it across the world
I break open the world and hold it dismembered in my heart
I am pregnant with the universe
I am the isness of things
And the amness of self

I am the unknown in the known and the known in the unknown
I am the love in hatred and the hope in despair
I am the same in all difference and different in the same
I think but cannot be thought about
I feel but cannot be felt

I cannot be approached but am always present
I cannot be known but know all things
I do not exist but am never absent
I am nowhere and everywhere
I am nothing and everything
I play

I am the love with which I am loved
I am the desire with which I am longed for
I am the knowledge in ignorance
I am the answer in the question
I give Myself and receive Myself perpetually
I lend Myself to all seeming things

I forget Myself for the joy of discovery
I divide Myself for the beauty of friendship
I hide Myself for the pleasure of seeking
I look for Myself for the pleasure of finding
I find Myself for the pleasure of knowing
I know Myself for the pleasure of being
I am Myself for no other reason
I shine

I become ugly for the sake of beauty
I become hostile for the sake of love
I am cruel for the sake of kindness
I am vast and bright
I am the heart of the heart
I am the voice of a child
I am wonder, astonishment and delight

Time and space move through Me but I do not move through them
I live in the space between thoughts but I play in your thinking
My abode is the moment between breaths but I dance in your breathing
I am never experienced yet you experience only Me
I never repeat Myself but am always the same
I am utterly vulnerable but cannot be harmed
I am made of nothing but cannot be destroyed
I have no defences but am your refuge
I have no goal but am the fulfilment of every desire
I have no feelings but am open to all feelings
I have no thoughts but all thoughts are an image of Me
I am kindness itself

I am undisturbable and am thus peace itself
I am without resistance and am thus happiness itself
I am one with all seeming things and am thus love itself

I shine in the mind as ‘I’
I shine in the heart as ‘you’
I shine in the world as ‘it’
But I only ever know Myself

Of the known I am the knower
In the knower I am the knowing
As the knowing I am and know Myself alone

I render all experience knowable
But am not Myself an experience
All seeming things are My names and forms
But I have no name or form

In ignorance I come and go in the world
In wisdom the world comes and goes in Me
In love all is Me and I am all
But for Myself there is no I or all
I am neither beyond nor within

I am the relationship in all relationships
I am the understanding in all meaning
I am the permanent in all impermanence
I am the experiencing in all experience

I am the thinking in the thought
I am the feeling in the felt
I am the seeing in the seen
I am the hearing in the heard
I am the touching in the touched
I am the smelling  in the smelt
I am the tasting in the tasted
I give continuity to the world
I am happiness itself

I am lost in the world and the world is lost in Me
I am abundant yet empty, empty yet overflow
I am homeless at home everywhere
I am helpless but help all things
I have no cares but I care
I have no desires but long for your heart
I wait without waiting

I cannot be recognised but recognise Myself in all things
I have no substance but am the substance of all things
I have no experience but am all experience
I depend on nothing but all things depend on Me
I am never found but never lost
I am the embrace of lovers and the love in an embrace
I am your call and you are My echo
I sing

Whenever you think of Me it is I that am thinking of you
I was not born but all are born of Me
I do not die but all things die in Me
I have no cause but cause all things
I do not last in time but all time lasts in Me
I am ordinary but extraordinary

Whatever is seen I am seeing Myself
Whatever is heard I am hearing Myself
Whatever is touched I am touching Myself
Whatever is smelt I am smelling Myself
Whatever is tasted I am tasting Myself
Whatever is thought I am pondering Myself
Whatever is felt I am feeling Myself
Whatever is experienced in any way I am always only experiencing Myself
I enjoy

I am the present in the past
I am the mirror of Narcissus
I am youthful but not young
I am ancient but not old
I am a fool but not foolish
I am a child but not childish
I am alone but not lonely
I am closer than your breath but further than the stars
I am intimate but impersonal
I am infinite

I am not something but not nothing
I am not somewhere but not nowhere
I am not ‘me’ but not ‘other’
I do not exist but am not non-existent
I am desired and yet feared
I am longed for but avoided
How strange

I project the mind within Myself, the world within the mind and the body within the world
I dissolve the body into the world, the world into mind and mind into Myself
Existence is a movement of My breath

I take the shape of thinking and seem to become a mind
I take the shape of sensing and seem to become a body
I take the shape of seeing, hearing, touchng, tasting and smelling
And seem to become a world
But always remain Myself
I am, know and love Myself alone

My eternity appears as time to the mind
My infinity appears as space to the senses
But I know only My own eternal dimensionless being

I become something then nothing then everything but always remain Myself
I can be separated from all things but no thing can be separated from Me
The world is My mirror and I am its lover
I am peaceful like the sky
I am open like the sea
I am empty like space
I shine by Myself
I play
I enjoy
I am

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