Sunday, May 5, 2013

Devaji - The One Heart

The One Heart

In the human heart there lives this yearning and this pain to reunite in pure love. Every single one of us was disillusioned in some way with the conditional love that was felt in our families. And rightly so, because in truth this is not the love that you were seeking. How could it measure up to that which you know inside your heart to be true love, the union with your Beloved. Every heart holds the memory of this pure, ecstatic love.

Of course there’s been suffering. Of course we've been searching for that, but in all the wrong places; in places where it can not be found. We've been searching for the love externally that really has lived deep within our own heart all along, undiscovered because of this looking outward. The beauty of this journey is that it finds you again. In the reunion with the Beloved, the Beloved finds you. All that It wants is you.

Your true heart goes beyond the things that you love, beyond all the the expressions of joy. All of that is really still part of the character; the love of nature, of birds, of poetry, or of solitude. It feels so sacred and so connected but still, you are beyond even that. The love that you are is beyond everything that separates out one thing in favor of something else. Of course there is nothing wrong with any particular expression of love. The expression of love is beautiful but it is not the totality of who you are.

At some point you will be freed of absolutely everything, every preference, every perspective, every bit of knowingness. Here is the reunion of love that the character has always searched for: the absolute complete and total envelopment that is timeless and never-ending, that never judges, never abandons you, the total immersion into love itself where once again there is no you and another; totally merged like the raindrop falling into the ocean, knowing beyond reason that everything else was never really real.

Every heart has emerged from this one love and every heart has been longing to be home again. All the  great mystics realized the same thing that we know to be true deep down in our hearts; you are what you've been searching for. Let your heart rest in what your heart itself knows to be true. Have compassion for the wandering human mind looking for its true love in all the wrong places.

Every place in the heart that was hurt in the search folded upon itself. In opening in this moment, in trusting in the true nature of your heart in this moment, all that has folded begins to unfold of its own accord like a blossoming flower. It is its natural way, just in allowing, just in witnessing, just in being. There is no one in control, every moment unfolding perfectly, the heart finding its true love again. It’s what everyone has always really wanted. It’s what everyone knows somewhere inside. It's the true nature of love.

All disturbances have been acquired. All external distractions have been conditioned.There is not one heart that does not arise out of this pure beauty. There is not one heart that will not return to this. Let everything hidden come up that wants to be seen, that wants to be felt, that wants to unfurl, so that your true love is revealed. Then what would you search for in this life? What would you need? In this union with your own heart, with the Beloved, everything unfolds absolutely perfectly, unfettered, unfiltered by what had done the containing and bottling up. The doors begin to swing wide open.

Wouldn’t you give everything up for this, every fear, every substitute desire? Everyone is welcome. There are no exceptions, everyone is welcome back home.  Let us sit in the knowingness of assured reunion with the Beloved. When the mind starts to speak, know it for what it is, just the mind doing its thing.

You cannot force the heart open any more than you can force a flower to open. It’s all being orchestrated. Your heart is opening in its own perfect time and you are free to stop micromanaging God’s unfolding of Its own heart. Let everything come back to perfect peace in honoring the one Heart that patiently waits within.

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