Friday, May 3, 2013

Rupert Spira - Time and Death

Be like an open window that allows the view to be seen. The open window is just an empty space; it is on account of that empty space that the view is seen.

Be the open, empty space of Awareness, which allows all experience to come into existence. Just as the sun, relatively speaking, makes all objects in nature visible, so it is our open, empty, luminous presence that makes all experience knowable.

Just as all objects in nature, relatively speaking, are saturated with the sun’s light, so all experience is saturated with the light of Knowing or Awareness.

In fact, just as all we really see in nature are modulations of the same light – the light of the sun – so all we actually know in experience are modulations of this same, luminous, empty Knowing.

It knows itself alone.

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