Monday, February 18, 2013

~ Mooji - Fall inside yourself

I would not encourage anybody to try to study life, because you can never get it. No one can even begin to comprehend a moment of its magnificence, its mystery, its sheer glory.
You have to fall fully in Love with the very heart of existence and then its essence is miraculously revealed to you somehow – a kind of an intuitive knowing happens out of this love.
But to study life doesn’t work, because your attitude and even you, the student, is phenomenal. 
You have to first fall inside yourself until there is no longer ‘you’ and ‘life’—there is only Life. There is no ‘person’ living life. There is just Life expressing itself in, as and through this form called a person, watched simultaneously in pure consciousness.
How funny that the simplest of teachings seems to be the most difficult. This is like a circus of concepts. We fight, creating devils out of nowhere, in order to defend our identity—sheer ignorance.

Now I’ve said it and now I want to see it alive in you. I want to see it germinate inside your heart. It must flower, bear fruit and give shade. That’s it.

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