Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ulla AllU - Empty Space/Sovereign Madness!

Empty Space!

Empty Space is Grace.
Yet feared, because of all that which disappeared.
Particularly everything that was once so revered.
Empty space is uncomfortable to embrace,
Because of what emptiness replace,
Does not leave any trace,
And is void of familiar reference, foundation and base.
It comes across as a loss,
Until revealed in an instant toss.
Grace BEING empty space!

A Poetic Philosophical JourneyUnmasking Duality
by Ulla AllU

Read this beautiful book HERE

Sovereign Madness!

When consciousness express,
From the standpoint of sovereign madness.
There is no concern for success or progress,
There is NONE to impress and NONE to possess.

Sovereign madness matters not over claim or fame,
The underlying source BEING ONE and the same,
Effortlessly flowing, impossible to tame!

Sovereign madness stand sole and whole,
ABSOLUTE and TOTAL BEING in immanent patrol.


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