Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rumi - from Divani Shams

 O Friend! we are near you in friendship,
    Wherever you set foot, we prostrate ourselves like earth.
    How is it permissible, in the religion of love,
    That we should see your Creation and neglect to see You?

    That Friend brought me up with great care and attention;
    He sewed me a garment from skin and veins.
    The body is like a cloak and my heart in it like a mystic,
    The world is like a monastery and He is my Guide.

    Seek knowledge which unravels mysteries
    Before your life comes to close
    Give up that non-existence which looks like existence,
    Seek that Existence which looks like non-existence!

    There is a world outside Islam and Disbelief,
    We are enamoured of the atmosphere therein.
    The mystic lays down his head when he reaches there.
    There is neither Islam nor Disbelief in this place.

    Whenever I prostrate my head He is the one to whom I bow;
    In six directions or outside the six, he is the one I worship.
    The garden, the rose, the nightingale, music and the beauteous maiden
    Are a mere excuse and He alone is the real object.

From Divani Shams, "Life and Work of Muhammad Jalal-ud Din Rumi"
by Afzal Iqbal

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