Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Adyashanti - On the other side of self

 “You see, true selflessness is not a virtue in a conventional or even spiritual sense. Selflessness does not feel like being selfless or inspired or empty or vast or spiritual, although it can appear as any of these things in the same way that the weather can change from day to day. Selflessness is even beyond the experience of unity. It is the source of unity, of our experience of creation. It is also beyond God, or whatever name that we have replaced “God” with. In selflessness, the numinous ground isn’t a place we visit and experience from time to time. It is our being beyond being. It is to be that which you can never think of, conceive, or imagine—even, and especially when, selflessness becomes your living reality.

Selflessness is what everyone fears, even those who are intrigued by it. In a very real sense, you become (or it is revealed to be) that which everyone is afraid of—the abyss of infinity. There you can bring no preferences, no agendas, and no certainties. It is the end of your inner world. Perhaps that’s the best way to explain it.

Okay, now, do you still want it? And no, you cannot be assured of being of service, at least service as it is usually thought of. No certainties can come along for the ride. Everything must be surrendered, no exceptions. But before you scare yourself too much about it, consider how well this holding-on thing is working out for us human beings, and the world. Perhaps even our very best agendas pale in comparison to what possibilities await on the other side of self—possibilities that cannot even be imagined until you are there.

True selflessness is rare, in the extreme, and for a very good reason: because you have to be ready for it. You have to be ready and able to give that one last little bit, the bit that makes all the difference. The question is, what is that one last little bit for you?”

With Great Love, Adya

~ Adyashanti

A Revolution of Being


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