Friday, December 20, 2019

Toni Packer - Without cause and conflict

“Life is vast, unknowable movement of wholeness 
with no one separate from it and nothing outside of it. ‘
Inside’ and ‘outside’ are thought-created divisions. 
Wisdom, love, and compassion are not the invention of thought, 
nor are they products or the properties of anyone. 
They operate mysteriously, without cause and conflict, 
when ‘self’-thoughts are illuminated freely. 
At the time of inattention, thought is busily at work in its narrow, 
conditioned space: wanting, fearing, inventing, grasping, hoping, 
striving, judging, condemning, or accepting. 
Undivided awareness illumines the whole thing. 
Illumination is the end of the sense of separation. 
Will inattention take over again? 
Thought wants to predict everything, to make sure and be secure for all time. 
But time itself is a creation of thought…
What is, is without self. 
It is unknowable, unthinkable, indivisible.” 



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