Monday, August 25, 2014

Sailor Bob Adamson - "What wrong with right now, unless you think about it"

Q: Bob, what is the bottom line?

Right here, right now
You are present and
You are aware of being present.
Realize that you are that
Pure presence-awareness
And be what you are.

What you are right now is awareness or the sense of beingness. It is totally free, completely at peace and utterly and finally attained, even at this moment. Not being clear on this that we are, the mind has imagined separation and built a set of beliefs and identities upon this unexamined concept. When you get exposed to this type of teaching, several things begin to happen.

First you get a glimpse of what your true nature is. It is pointed out, perhaps repeatedly, until you see it and know it for certain. This the most important insight to start with. Your actual being, is radiantly present and alive as that which is knowing your thoughts right now, is the truth that is being pointed out. There is no other understanding or realization beyond this. In fact, you know this now. You exist and you know that you exist. All a teacher does is assure you with the greatest conviction that this is it. 

Most of us have had a lot of baggage in the form of beliefs about what this understanding is, how it is supposed to happen and so on. This type of teaching helps to expose those erroneous beliefs, not to mention the beliefs we have about ourselves. It is only these unexamined beliefs that generate suffering and our sense of being apart from the peace we are seeking.

Everything happens as it happens. It is only from the limited view of mind and it's beliefs that we judge "right" and "wrong". All evaluations are in the mind. From the point of view of what we are, everything is just a manifestation of the deep harmony of what is, just an arising and ceasing in the light of awareness, which is ever at peace and free. This is true for you right now, once you clear up the confusion about your real nature. This does not take time; there is no path to this; and no practice required. It is just seeing that truth of things. 

Everything arises and sets in the light of your being. Nothing is separate from that. Forms appear and disappear, but nothing is ever lost or gained. Everything that appears arises from that, exists upon that, and subsides into that. In spite of the appearance and disappearance of people and things, there is a luminous, ever-present background that sheds a fragrance of perfection that permeates everything. That is your birth-place, your true home. 

Know yourself clearly and all this begins to make sense. It becomes your direct experience. If you are resonating with this type of teaching, then this understanding is already opening up for you. Just follow your heart and let the understanding unfold. Your own deeper being will lead you where you need to be and will reveal to you what needs to be known. Then you will realize that life is perfect here and now and that you have never left the peace and truth that you are seeking. 

Stay with the pointers. Savour them like fine wine. Let the pointing unfold within your own heart. Most of all, see your own true nature as it is. All the pointers are only to reveal this.

~"What wrong with right now, unless you think about it" Sailor Bob Adamson

~Quoted on p. 36,37,38 of John Wheeler's book, "Awakening to the natural state"

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