Sunday, January 15, 2017

Yuben de Wu Hsin - Welcoming intro

Welcoming to Solving Yourself:
Yuben de Wu Hsin

The doctor prescribes the taking of herbs for a limited time.
During that time, they do their work.
Likewise, our time together will be limited.
However, Wu Hsin's words will not be limited.
The seeds are planted and will yield fruit.

Wu Hsin's instructions will not lead you to anywhere.
They lead you toward the place that you have never departed from.
No religion with its requirements of intermediaries and postponement is spoken here.
There is no one to wait for and no time need be waited on.

Listen to Wu Hsin and don't listen to your mind.
There are two ways of listening:
there is the mere hearing of words and there is the listening
which catches the real significance of what is being said,
the listening that requires a keen, alert mind.
To the words of Wu Hsin, hearing is not enough.

It is irrelevant whether or not you agree with what is said.
Truth does not require your agreement, merely your recognition.
In the days ahead, there will be opportunities for questions.
All the questions that have ever been submitted to Wu Hsin are wrong questions.
No one has ever submitted the righ question.
The right question is the last question; it leads to the end of questioning.
The wrong question merely births more questions.

You come to realize what is timelessly, endlessly, present here and now.
It may seem like an attainment, but it is not.
You gain nothing, but only lose what wasn't yours to begin with.

The experience of stillness is not it.
The experience of silence is not it.
The experience of complete peace is not it.
The experiencing is it.

In a sense, the past and the unknown run in parallel.
Clinging to the former makes it impossible to gain glimpses into the latter.
As such, there is nothing to learn;
however, there is much to unlearn.
One must have immense patience to discern this.
The discernment appears in an instant, but when it appears cannot be dictated.
Those who wish to keep their illusions can do so and will remain frozen in place.
Those who fear them will recede into safer illusions, while those of you who see through them move ever forward.

Clarity does not require giving up all of one's material possessions.

All that is needed is to relinquish one's erroneous beliefs.
What Wu Hsin speaks about is a process of unlearning.
It is the abandonment of ideas and beliefs, of all rigid forms of thought and feeling
whereby the mind tries to organize its own activities into orderly compartments.

These dogmas and philosophical systems are only ideas about reality,
in the same way as words are not facts but only ideas about facts.
What Wu Hsin points to is the coming into direct contact with reality itself without allowing the belief systems to intervene.
We begin as a child and most often end as a child.

Much of what we acquire in the interim will at some point be lost.
Therefore, let us look at the situation in a different way and decide on what really matters.
Doubt and uncertainty often lead to new points of view.
Here, we admit the distinction between what is and what appears to be.
We cease accepting imagination as reality.

Now, in order to examine anything thoroughly, we must be outside of it.

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