Friday, November 27, 2015

Jackson Peterson‎ - Dzogchen Discussion

Let’s try this: your default “aware knowing” (rigpa) 
is easily noticed as the first moment of raw sensory experience 
just before the thinking labels and conceptualizes the perceptual moment. 
You hear a “ding-dong” sound purely: 
a micro-second later the mind kicks-in and says “bell ringing”. 
Just before the mind generated the label and concept, there was perfect changeless rigpa. 
That naked rigpa, is always there in the first moment. 
Notice it’s free of mind itself and doubt. 
It’s just aware, nakedly aware. 
Doubts arise in the next moment. 
You are always the changeless aware knowing rigpa and perceptions, thoughts, 
concepts and labels appear next. 
This cycle occurs every second.
Doubts or concepts or perceptions or labels or “me” sensations 
appear without effecting the simple, always present default aware knowing. 
Notice you are simply the noticing of experience 
and that “active-noticing-knowing” can notice doubts come and go 
but the “aware noticing” contains no doubts, just like hearing sounds contains no doubts.
There are no doubts or confusions or issues to resolve: 
just “notice what is noticing” the doubts and confusions 
and see how it’s always independent from being conditioned 
by doubts or perceptions or thoughts or confusions. 
All phenomena appear in the noticing awareness without “touching” it.
Identify the pure quality of that which is noticing experiences, 
and see how it’s impossible for you to be anything other than 
that always present, peaceful and serene changeless noticing; 
the sentient heart of all experience.

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