Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sri Anandamayi Ma - Self of my Self.

The multifarious kinds of beasts, birds, men and so forth, what are they all?
 What are these varieties of shapes, of modes of being, what is the essence within them?
What really are these everchanging forms?
 The variety of His shapes and guises is infinite, uncountable,
without end.

It is a Kingdom without end, in which even what is discerned as non-existence
is equally an expression of the One.
 In Chinmaya, the purely spiritual (and completely non-material) world,
 all forms;whatever they may be; are ever eternal.
Therefore, simultaneously and in the same place there is non-existence as well as existence,
 and also neither non-existence nor existence
and more of the kind if you can proceed further!

Just as ice is nothing but water, so the Beloved is without form, without quality,
 and the question of manifestation does not arise.
 When this is realized, one has realized one's Self.
 For, to find the Beloved is to find my Self, to discover that God is my very own,
 wholly identical with myself, my innermost Self,
the Self of my Self.

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