Monday, June 8, 2015

Maren Springsteen - Pointers from the Stars

The only thing real
about all that I see
is All-luminous Self,
in 'time' hiding as 'else.'

Pure Consciousness is simply what IS
and always already abiding as THIS.
One heavenly canvas,
refreshingly alive -
sparkling brightly as glorious Light.

When perfect peace seems somehow disturbed,
Pure Being never once is perturbed.
Don't look at what appears to be causing pain,
no, quickly reel that shadow in again!

Ask: to whom to these arisings occur?
and feel the entire witness disappear -
See it for the objectified ignorance it is,
and that denial in or of itself cannot exist.

Pure Awareness only prior to any 'sense'
that untouched Presence generously lends.
The observer thus dissolved into thin air,
Joyous Wonder covers 'everywhere.' 

All illusion now completely left
and with it any seeming effect.
Shadows cannot continue to fight
where all that remains is eternal Light.

One Cause now that is Its Own Effect
not capable of straying from Stillness' Rest.
Not even that is ultimately true,
for there to be power,
it needs to have two.

At least to human concepts
that like to make sense
of what ignorant nonsense pretends.

Gentle no-power, spacious and clear
remains as All Awareness here,
until then,
invite All to return
into the Heart of their
beautiful Origin. 

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