Friday, April 3, 2015

Rafael Stoneman - Heart of Advaita

Like the fangs of a wild beast
dug into the meat of prey
this mind has clutched onto
shadows of its own image

empty this vessel of mind
leaving only the urge to pray
for the love that is pure Heart
free of comparative forms

to spend a moment defending
what is True is untruth
for Truth is Self-evident

rather than argue for or against
the Reality that Is
simply be what is Real
and let It speak for Itself

draw not attention to this form
rather let all praise be for That
the One that we ecstatically call
Krishna, Allah, Jesus, or Buddha

let not a contest repeat for it is
no different than war
and the center of competition
is division, the cornerstone of duality

devotion is not a means to an end
for it is not a process of joining two
or remaining separate but rather
devotion is the fruit of non-duality
for where there is One without another
there is the sweet totality of Self-love

who else but the One that understands
and knows It’s own Absolute Oneness
could selflessly embrace and love
all that appears as Its own Self

this Supreme Devotion is not the
devotion of duality, where there is
a sense of a lover over here and the
Beloved over there, but rather the
non-dual devotion where only the
Beloved remains Alone, this is the
Heart of Advaita

it is folly to imagine that separation
can exist in the One. That One is All
and All is That One. to quibble about
It being personal or impersonal is the
mark of duality, the essence of ignorance

Krishna whispered in my innermost ear
just now: “Hey friend, I am not a person
and neither are you. All is pure consciousness.
And guess what? That means there is only
Krishna Consciousness, not a You and a Me.
Feel free to call it Christ Consciousness
or Shiva Shakti or Buddha Mind or Allah Awareness.
It makes no difference what you call It
because It is prior to all descriptions of It.
Now realize that this is your very own voice whispering
to you and enjoy the appearance of dualistic
relationships as the play of One consciousness.”

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