Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fred LaMotte - A Living Guru

In a living Guru
there is no "should,"
no rule or regulation
to disobey,
and no one to follow
down any path.
There is only melting.

Can the earth leave its orbit
around the sun?
So I cannot take my gaze
from your face.
Who would call this bondage?

The formless sky of love
has become a crown of thorns
and a garland of roses
while remaining the sky.
Invisible sap is crimson.
Emptiness feels like a baby's palm.

In You, in You.

Of course one could endure the Spring
without looking at a single flower,
then brag, "I have freed myself
from Beauty."

But I would rather drown
in the blossom of your eyes
because they drown in me.
We are dead bees in each other's
goblet of raindrops,
slaves of boundless sweetness.

I gladly wear the chains of my Beloved
that are made of pure light,
for She wears my body like a veil
around her breath.

If you do not understand this,
you have not breathed.

Make mischief, drop your burden.
Discipleship is for donkeys and ants.

The Guru is for those who leap
like dolphins in waves
of astonishment.

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