Saturday, December 6, 2014

Papaji - “Keep quiet ! ”

You do not need to go to any ashram, because nobody there knows how to sit quiet. In every ashram and center recently different therapies have been introduced.

There should be at least one person who could teach you silence, peace, and tranquility, and direct you to that place. He should be in the know of things himself, but nobody is there like that.

Therefore wherever you go, some kind of therapy has been introduced in every ashram. Because no one teaches, “Sit quiet and don't do anything.”

If a center were to do that what would be the use of that center?
A center is there for some commercial reason, for some material gain. This is the only teaching that is not practiced anywhere in the world !

What better teaching could there be, or what better teacher who tells you, “Keep quiet!”

This was the teaching of my master Sri Ramana Maharshi.
Nobody else has taught this recently, in this century.

There were a few teachers also in the past but not in this century.

In the twentieth century he alone was the teacher who could say, “Keep quiet ! ”

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