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Siddharameshwar Maharaj - Self and Non-Self

Self and Non-Self

Anxiety accompanies desire. As long as the mind is full of desire,
anxiety will be there. When desire ceases, anxiety is no more. While
walking on the street many things are visible, yet we have no
attachment to them. However, once the sense of "mine" is
conceived, desire arises and one immediately becomes pre-occupied
with objects. To feel that something is "mine" is itself bondage. What
is truly ours in the physical body? For the body, the air that is inside
goes out and the air outside comes in. What belongs to you in this
process? In the area of about two feet around the body, there are
continuous currents of air. One who can see subtly can be aware of

Many special days and festivals are coming and going, and you
think that the things in the world are permanent and yours, but you
do not see that you really exist prior to all of these objective things.
When the perception of objects ends, the desire for the objects also
ends, and it does not matter whether objects are existing or not. If
you think that is only made from dust is yours, you immediately
become worldly. The mind when dwelling on the Self, is desireless,
and when focusing on the physical body as "me" or "mine," is full of

Strange indeed is this creation consisting of the five elements.
The "One Being" that plays in all bodies is the all-pervading
"Universal Self." Understand that "All is Brahman." The example of
the ring and the gold is commonly used. If you consider the ring as
gold, then only the gold is seen as the substance, but if you look at it
as a ring, it is considered as a separate object. Water is water, both in
the ocean and the pitcher, but water in the pitcher is separate if you
keep the pitcher separate, so do not keep it separate. Know that "All
is Brahman."

Consider all to be your friends so that there is no duality or
dislike in the mind. When you repeat the statement that "All is
Brahman," then why does your attitude not change accordingly? That
is because your thinking is warped by the notions of virtue and vice,
and you adopt a critical or dualistic attitude. One who pleases you is
considered a good person, and the other you consider as bad.
However, are there not many others who call that so-called "bad"
person, as good? Moreover, to what extent are you yourself good?
Are there not some people who take you to be a bad person? Even
God is considered in terms of good or bad by many people.

The wise man says that since all are slaves of circumstances
(living according to the destiny of the body), how can we differentiate
between good and bad people. Circumstances have created the
various castes such as carpenters and cobblers, etc. The labels of
various occupations have made us think of people as separate.
Otherwise, where is the distinction of castes, etc.? Nobody is bad or
good. All bodies are subject to circumstances. The stages of
childhood, youth, and old-age are there for everyone. The young man
will have a black moustache and not a white one, while the old
toothless man cannot gulp down morsels of hard food, etc. In short,
do not ridicule others. All are subject to circumstances. One may
keep long hair on the head, or wear a beard, it is all a matter of one's
preference. Why should you hate anyone because of such things?
Consider the one who criticizes you, or blames you, as a kind person.
Keep an open loving attitude towards those who give you a lot of
trouble, and remain without enmity. Only then, will you be as

Anxiety kills us very early. The one who worries dies with that
worry, and hatred is a very heavy burden to bear. Vishwamitra, who
was a bachelor and had done a great amount of spiritual practice,
became ready even to murder when he went to kill the Sage
Vasishtha out of envy and jealousy. It is said that the bag of saffron
(a precious delicate tasting spice) become Asafoetida (a pungent spice
with strong taste and odor), only because of being in its vicinity.
When pride disappears, the thorn that irritates you drops away. Kill
pride and then you will yourself become the "Divine Sage," or
"Brahmarishi." Prostrate before the one who hates you. If you decide
that someone is bad, then you yourself become bad. One who has no
enmity is himself Brahman. To quarrel indicates misunderstanding.
The duality of differentiating between sense objects must end. Do
not think in terms of hatred or enmity, or good and bad. It is only
then that you become as Brahman. Have no enmity towards anyone.

 Spiritual Discourses of His Holiness
Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj
Recorded by Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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