Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Eppi Sukhu - Taste of Heaven

That glorious day I sat in wonder gazing; just gazing all around
Stretched out, throughout all of Life.

Oneness, complete oneness
Magnificent radiance, power, awareness, life: everywhere.
So great this vision. Blissful, truly.

I sat in wonder,
One, with this Inner External Eternity, seeing that
It was before me, it will yet be after me; it is my Self;
Always existing, so beautiful, so complete, so perfect.

In God there is Life, in Self there is Life, in All there is Life;
Reality, yet in another light.

Expression fails at every turn, every word, every attempt
To convey it; to share it; to capture it.

I can clearly pen only then, that I lost myself that day and the
Bliss of it calls me always.

Holding great reverence for Life everywhere, great humility
Now I know that
All is forgiven and there is only Life to return to.
Blessed is this, that I lost myself in Everything.

So enamoured with it I am —
I revere it, I am prayerful,
I am free, I am humble,
I see with new eyes, all around me.

Blessed is this that I lost myself, in Everything.

Source: Sukhu, Eppi. 2007. The Endeavour
Book II (download it here).

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