Friday, March 14, 2014

Zen Master Yuansou - Zen Mind

Zen Mind

The mind of people of the Way is straight as a bowstring. Simply
because they are not burdened by ideas of others and themselves,
of right and wrong, of sacred and profane, of better and worse, or
by deception, falsehood, flattery, or deviousness, they spontaneously
gain access to the substance of mind that dwells on nothing.

Fundamentally this is not another, not oneself, not ordinary, not
holy, not mind, not Buddha, not a thing, not Zen, not Tao, not a
mystery,not a marvel.

It is only because of a moment of subjectivity in discrimination,
grasping and rejecting, that so many horns are suddenly produced on
your head and you are turned about by those myriad objects all the
time, unable to be free and independent.


Zen Master Yuansou
'Zen Essence' Translated and Edited by Thomas Cleary

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