Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nobody's notes - The Truth Does Not Make Sense

The truth does not make sense. 
It cannot make sense. 
For things to make sense, they must fit together, they must work together, they must support each other.
Two ideas click together nicely, like lego. They make sense.
There is only one truth. And truth is all there is.
It cannot make sense.
And so you cannot understand it intellectually.
Philosophy, logic and rationalization won’t help you to find the truth.
It is so subtle, so simple, so obscure that the tools of the mind cannot see it.
Using the mind to find truth is like using a telescope to watch your TV.
You just don’t need the telescope.
Put it down. The truth is right in front of you.
The truth needs no support from any other ideas, notions, reasons or evidence.
It stands alone. 
It does not need to make sense. 
The truth does not make sense. 

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