Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nagarjuna - Hymn to the Jewel of the Mind

Praise to one’s own mind, the jewel that ends the confusion of thoughts, and in its natural state, removes the net of delusion generated through mind alone.
Though beings invent, through their own inclinations, various gods, owing to the jewel of the mind, no god, other than liberation, can be established.
In attainment, the mind is luminous; only in mind are the five kinds of destiny, and neither the essence of bliss nor the root of suffering exist beyond the mind.
All that is seen by sentient beings, even while engaged in some meditative practices, are in the mind’s deceitful net, according to the words of he who taught the dharma of truth.
The mind, lacking imagination, caught in samsara, born from imagination, is nothing other than imagination – where there is no imagination, there is liberation.
Therefore, all beings should offer sincere praise to this mind of illumination, for it causes them to acquire the mind’s jewel, called “Sublime Illumination.”
Mind, the product of the elements, is bound to the body – when the mind is calmed, the elements are calmed, so become a strong custodian of your mind, for only when the mind is calm and pure does awakening arise.

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