Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mirabai - I am Married to the Eternal Husband

(Note: the interpretation below is based on a portion of Swami Radhanandaji's translation and interpretation.  Also, items in parenthesis have been added to the text.)


O my companion, saheli, I am married to the Eternal Husband (i.e. Brahman; God). I am now married to The Indivisible Husband (soul/atma is one with paramatma; I experience/live/know that my soul or atma is brahman, i.e., that I am One with the Absolute).

After having gone through eighty four lakhs (8.4 million) birth and death cycles, I have suffered a great deal in this ocean of samsar (i.e. illusion/fictitious, temporal, material, worldly or superficial life). (Such a) worldly life and the (or: its) samsari relatives are all terribly deceptive; seeing and repeatedly experiencing this, I shiver. The entire family and those associated with them are all selfish, yet now I am relieved from this deceptive world.

After taking this birth, I have suffered immeasurably having lived a married worldly life and establishing a household. Yet, I am now very joyous in the company of saints, and feel at peace having established in a single goal (i.e. to remember/celebrate One-ness or knowledge of "marriage" to the Lord, and being "unmarried" to the worldly/illusion/duality-consciousness) in this life, (hence/I therefore live) without doubts or confusion.

I have overcome the worldly thirst (a reference to duality-consciousness; illusion; sin-consciousness; materialism at the expense of spiritual/deeper pursuits; greed, etc.) due to infinite grace of Truth, Shri Krishna and the Sadguru (i.e., the great teacher) within.

Gopi Mira's Lord is Giridhar (a historical/stylistic/scriptural reference/metaphor. Also related: I know/have the Lord, who is Everything/everywhere present). He is the true civilized, dependable, pure, selfless friend and husband. I now surrender at the feet of saints.

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