Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nirmala - The tired wanderer

the tired wanderer
loses the strength to go on
and in surrendering to hopelessness
is surprised to finally feel at home

the hurried creek
pauses in a cold, stony pool
and in sudden stillness
at the distant ocean

the frightened warrior decides
"I am ready to die"
and in willing abandon
becomes immortal

the fitful breeze
fades to calm in the afternoon heat
and in catching its breath
is reborn
as undying tradewinds

the troubled philosopher
finds nothing to believe in
and in unexpected silence
just smiles
at the still unanswered questions

the restless sea
becomes smooth and mirrors the clouds
and in ceasing all motion
its own depths

the saddened lover
faces the loss of illusion once again
and in dying to passion
falls in love
with love itself

the weary sun
sinks into the embrace of the horizon
and in resting at last
welcomes other shores
to a new day

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