Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Unmani, Die To Love

oneness beyond all appearances

Just a look, just a touch and all worlds fall away.
Melting into one.
Falling into the other.
Never been separate.
Oneness beyond all appearances.
All boundaries are meaningless.
All concepts, ridiculous.
No me, no you.
No inside, no outside.

~ Unmani, Die To Love

All there is, is this perception. Perception is not owned by a someone or by a body/mind. Perception just is. All that is perceived, is just appearing in perception. All appearances are simply perception, including the appearance of this body/mind or that chair. There is no separation.

I am absolutely alone. There are no others. There is not even a character 'me'. The character 'me' is also a perception. Thoughts are perceived. Emotions are perceived. It is all perceived. What perceives is Life itself. Life perceives the whole play. I am life and as this, I am the play of whatever happens.

Closed eyes and there is only nothing. There is only sensation felt in nothing. This nothing is the emptiness in which everything happens. This nothing is alive. Open eyes and there is a rush of perception. Nothing overflows as everything. Eyes closed or open, the fabric of life is alive nothingness.

~ Unmani, I Am Life Itself

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