Tuesday, March 24, 2020

BE (Beyond Enlightenment) by C (Claudio)

 Dear Reader,

There is no “new message” in this
teaching. The concepts of Harmony, Peace,
Enlightenment, God, etc., have been with mankind
since the beginning; and they have been presented,
explained, pointed to… in countless different ways,
using innumerable teaching methods, throughout
the ages.
The message though - or rather the
“bottom line” of the message – is always the
same. It’s only the words, the concepts, the
understanding that changes, from age to age and
teacher to teacher.
So this message is not “my”
message; it is the same, ageless, one message: It is
about God, Life, Creation.
The only thing that you might find
different is the method or flavour that is used to
present It.
It is my sincerest hope that this
little book will shed some Light, Understanding
and Peace in your Life.
With great affection,



read by Pradeep Apte

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