Monday, April 30, 2018

Jiddu Krishnamurti - No one outside

“The world is sick and there is no one outside you to help you except yourself.
We have had leaders, specialists, every kind of external agency, including god— they have had no effect.
They cannot guide you.
No statesman, no teacher, no guru, no one can make you strong inwardly, supremely healthy.
As long as you are in disorder, as long as your house is not kept in a proper condition, a proper state,
you will create the external prophet, and he will always be misleading you.
Your house is in disorder and no one on this earth or in heaven can bring about order in your house.
Unless you yourself understand the nature of disorder, the nature of conflict, the nature of division,
your house, that is you, will always remain in disorder, at war.”

Krishnamurti to Himself : His Last Journal

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