Thursday, March 15, 2018

Chuck Surface - If you come for tea

 If you come for tea and sweets, my Muslim friend,
Don't leave in a huff if you see upon my wall,The picture of a Hindu Goddess smiling.

If you come to sit in fellowship, my Christian friend,
Don't curl your lip at the Moorish lanterns,
The books of Hafez, Sanai, and Attar strewn about.

If you come for the porch's soft breeze, my Buddhist friend,
Don't dismiss me as a deluded diest when tears well up,As I gaze at the Christian monstrance.

My house, my Heart, my Life,
Is a Wine of many grapes, but One Love,
A Garden of many Roses, but One Love.

"I profess the religion of Love," said Ibn Arabi,
"Wherever its caravan turns along the way,
That is the belief, the faith I keep."

And so it will be with us,
My friends of many faiths,
If you come for tea.

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