Friday, July 14, 2017

Rumi - Lesson in metaphysics

Whole worlds are manifested by Divine Intelligence (‘aql), which is like an ocean. All the forms of existence are like cups or bowls floating on the face of the water. They float for a while, and eventually they fill with water and sink back to the depths from which they came. The Divine Intelligence remains hidden, while the worlds are visible as waves and ocean spray. Sometimes these forms can reveal the true nature of the Ocean, and sometimes the Ocean casts the forms away.

Just as an arrow forgets the Archer, the heart forgets the Giver of conscience. In such a state we are like a rider who thinks he has lost his horse while he is speeding down the road. We go mindlessly from place to place searching for our horse, unaware that the horse is under our thighs. Spirit is so obvious and immediate that we do not see It. We see colors, but those colors become veils and we do not recognize the Light. Light itself makes perception possible, yet we are unaware or even in denial of the Light. Light allows us to perceive both the outer forms, as well as inner thoughts and states.

The light of the eye is derived from the light of the heart, and the light of the heart is from the Divine Light, which is pure and separate from the light of intellect and sense.

Both light and darkness exist, but darkness exists in order to reveal the Light. Pain and sorrow cause us to value real happiness. Hidden qualities are revealed by opposites. We are only able to perceive through contrasts and opposites, but since God has no opposite, He is hidden. Our eyes do not see God, but God encompasses our seeing. Forms are bodied forth from the reality of Meaning. The jungle creates the Lion; an articulate voice arises from thought, but we do not see the sea of thought. But if the waves of words are beautiful, you know the sea from which they come is noble.

The form was born from the Word and died again; the wave fell back into the Sea.

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