Monday, July 17, 2017

Lorin Roche - Return to the Luminous

art Pieter Weltevrede

 yatha tatha yatra tatra
dvadashante manah kshipet
pratikshanam kshena vritteh
vailak shanyam dinaih bhavet

This body is sustained by altars
To the radiant nectar of life –
Around you, an ocean of air
Ready to become your breath.

Above the head, the glow of an invisible Sun.
Within the spaciousness of the heart,
A pulsing throb of creation –
Where the breaths meet, fuse
And transform into each other.

Whenever, wherever your mind wanders,
Whatever you wonder,
Return to the luminous.
Choose any altar, imbibe its energy as you journey.

Throw your attention again and again
Into one of these centers where spirit and flesh
Consummate their love.
Day by day, old whirlpools fade, the endless circles.
You are living in the temple of essence.

- Lorin Roche The Radiance Sutras


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