Saturday, July 22, 2017

Amata Natasha Goldie - Nectar of Golden Love

 Spiralling beyond beginning or end
You were always there
Nestled deep in the codes of eternity
Your heart a spectrum of light
And you flowed into my soul
Like a never ending sweet nectar
Dancing in sacred tones
You came to me
And Love completed itself
In our magnetic union
Yearning drenched now
Only in this sweetness
Whence creation began
And all became known
By the word of love

Spiralling into existence
You came to bring light
Nestled deep in the heart of loves blossoming
You flowed into the ocean of humanity
So that Love may know itself
So that wholeness may return again
And broken souls may be healed
By each beloved union
Glowing with the splendour

Of the divine mystery
Bathed in the nectar of golden love

 Copyright – Amata N Goldie 2017



  1. Thank you my dear divine friend Michel 🙏 Golden love waves flowing to You always Xxx 💛