Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ellen Davis - The One in the Two

I feel You like my essence desiring more of itself.
It can feel like an anguished longing with just a slight shift.
I give it its Play and remember.

This love knows no bounds.
It seeks to merge with itself and multiply.
It seeks to inundate, penetrate and permeate the world.

You ignite me. I am on fire.
Without Your touch I feel I will burn to ash.
With Your touch I feel I will burn to ash.
As this something gives birth to a greater nothing,
this nothing gives birth to a greater something.
I am
being breathed by this love.

Waxing fullness, Empty me!
Waning emptiness, Fill me!

a dance of desire having its way.
a dance in time
a dance of rythmic pulsing:
a part to come together
to come a part
to come together

a dance where time stops.
a dance where empty and full
are one and the same.
past present and future
dance, dancer and danced
me and you

and yearning again.

She so enjoys the yearning.
It's her greeting as she re-enters time
and re members her forgetting
and forgets her re membering.
It is her as God
feeling Its power through her powerlessness,
through the two.

through this "Take me!"
through this "I want you!"

as the one in the two
seeks for itself
until we find ourselves
as One


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