Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jnaneshwar - kingdom of Stillness

A Shevanti flower bursts forth
With a thousand petals,
Yet it does not become anything
But a Shevanti flower,

Similarly, the auspicious drums
Of ever-new experiences
May be sounding,
But in the kingdom of Stillness,
Nothing is heard.

All of the senses may rush simultaneously
Toward the multitude of sense objects,
But, just as, in a mirror,
One's vision only meets one's vision,
The rushing senses only meet themselves.

The sensible universe is only the vibration of the Self.

One who has attained this wisdom
May say whatever he likes;
The silence of his contemplation
Remains undisturbed.

His state of actionlessness
Remains unaffected,
Even though he performs countless actions.

Whether he walks in the streets
Or remains sitting quietly,
He is always in his own home.

He may perform actions,
But he has no goal to attain.
Do not imagine
That if he did nothing,
He would miss the goal.

He does not allow room
For either remembering or forgetting;
For this reason,
His behavior is not like that of others.

His rule of conduct is his own sweet will.
His meditation is whatever he happens to be doing.
The glory of liberation
Serves as a seat cushion
To one is such a state.

God Himself is the devotee;
The goal is the path.
The whole universe is one solitary Being.

Amritanubhav (The Nectar of Mystical Experience)
additional verses
traduction Swami Abhayananda


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