Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rumi - O Love!

 O Love!
Is it you bringing us harmony,
or is it
the rose gardens
and apple orchards in you?

O bright moon!
Spin and revolve
and scatter your gleaming light
upon all who seek refuge in you!

The taste of bitterness
becomes sweetness in you!
The searching in the dark
finds the light of faith revealed in you!
You transform thistles into jasmine.
Many hearts yield
surrender to the glory in you!

You have layered heaven,
and you have gifted us
with wings to soar into its mystery.
You transform our every thought
into a desire of the heart!
Everyone is gloriously bewildered in you!

O Love!
How divine is your luring!
Beauty flows from your unseen face!
Your very nature is radiant with joy!
The thrill of every union
is revealed in you!

You manifest vibrant hues in every flower!
Your touch dazzles all creation!
Every particle is attracted to you,
longing to unite
and dwell in you!

Even the excitement of the market wilts away
without your presence
The vineyards and the meadows wither
without the rain of compassion in you!

Every tree in the garden learns
its dance from you!
Every branch sways
and moves to your rhythm.
The leaf and the fruit are drunk
from the life-giving water flowing in you!

If the garden longs
for the gift of eternal spring,
it is to yield its blossoms
to the divine breeze
from one breath in you!

Among all stars and planets,
it would bring shame
to any star spinning away
from the radiance in you!

How glorious is the laughter
in the garden of your delight!
In the place of a feast,
the soul, as your guest,
savors the delight in you!

I have tried to resist many times before
and I know there is no joy without you!
There is no ecstasy without
uniting in sweet embrace in you!

I went on a journey and returned!
I traveled from the end to the beginning.
In my dream,
I see my soul forever grazing
in the splendor of the golden fields in you.

Every meadow is a playground
for those who swirl and sway in your love!
Even virgins give birth to new life
in the divine kingdom in you!

Every direction leads me nowhere!
Your love has broken every link.
You draw my wayward soul
toward the harbor of the Soul in you!

The enduring mountain
is humbled in your patience.
The heart is fearless to leap
into the veranda sheltered in you!

You have made many openings in the stone,
the metal and the mountain,
that the heart has become like an ant
looking for a way into
the plates and fingers in you.

If I count until the end of time,
I would still fall short of describing your grace.
How can anyone measure with a cup
the sea of enchantment in you?

and  Translations by Rassouli...
From the book, Rumi Revealed...

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