Monday, March 7, 2016

Jiddu Krishnamurti - Find thy soul, O friend

Nay, canst thou tell me, O friend,
Whence comes this mighty assurance And the purpose thereof?
The cause of this ceaseless strife,
This violent desire for many possessions,
This immense longing for life, This never-ending struggle
after the passing happiness?
How quickly Fades the lovely rose.
How easily O friend, Sorrow is begotten.

O friend, Thou wilt find thy lasting happiness In no temple,
In no book, Not in the intellect of man, Nor in the Gods of thy creation.
Go not to holy places, Worship not in wayside shrines.

How easily The tranquil pool is disturbed, And the reflection thereof.

Nay, friend, Seek not thy happiness In passing things.
Find thy soul, O friend, For there alone Abideth thy Beloved.

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