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Heart Prayer of Abdul Khaliq Gujduvani

Heart Prayer of Abdul Khaliq Gujduvani.....Khwaja Abdubalik Gudjduvani, was the Grand Master of the Inner Circle of the Masters of his time....Abd ul-Khaliq Ghujduwani (d. 1220) 

Khwarezm has been known also as Chorasmia, Khwarezmia, Khwarizm, Khwarazm, Khorezm, Khoresm, Khorasam, Harezm, Horezm, and Chorezm.
"Gudjduvan was a large village 18 miles from Bokhara.... part of the kingdom of Harzem (usually spelled Khwarazm), soon to be destroyed by the Mongolian Jenghis Khan......among his chief innovations was the `Prayer of the Heart', (Zikr-i-Qalbi...Pas Anfas), not previously known to the Sufis and said to have been imparted to him directly by the Prophet Khidr.....(But most probably derived from the mantras practised by the Buddhist monks of the Hindu Kush.)".......THE MASTERS OF WISDOM OF CENTRAL ASIA by J. G. Bennett 

 Zikr-i-Qalbi...Pas Anfas, in Persian, means guarding every breath..... Zikr is performed with the heart using breath as the medium.:

1. Hush der dem. 
Be present at every breath. Do not let your attention wander for the duration of a single breath. Remember yourself always and in all situations. 

2. Nazar ber kadem. 
Keep your intention before you at every step you take. You wish for freedom and you must never forget it. 

3. Safar der vatan. 
Your journey is towards your homeland, Remember that you are traveling from the world of appearances to the World of Reality. 

4. Halvat der endjuman. 
In all your outward activity remain inwardly free. Learn not to identify yourself with anything whatsoever. 

5. Yad gerd. 
Remember your Friend, i.e. God. Let the prayer (zikr) of your tongue be the prayer of your heart (q'alb). 

6. Baz gasht. 
Return to God. No aim but to attain Reality. 

7. Nigah dasht. 
Struggle with all alien thoughts. Keep your mind on what you are doing whether outwardly or inwardly. 

8. Yad dasht. 
Be constantly aware of the quality of the Divine Presence. Become used to recognizing the Presence of God in your heart.

Eight laws according to Abdulhalik Ghujduvani, 11th century......The Inner Work (3 volumes) Reshad Feild, chapter "The Way of the Masters"

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  1. Thank you for this lovely reminder that our only "intention" is to Remember God - the only Reality... (however one defines "God" for themselves.) Soothes my heart...