Thursday, November 19, 2015

Khadim - My religion is love

Cupbearer, this prosperous tavern flourishes with your spirit.
You are the beauty of the goblet, you are the verdance of the tavern.
You are the invigoration of every eye, in every heart you dwell.
To you is the consecration of every soul, to you each head is given.
Your lovers are strangers to this world, even strangers to religion,
Inebriated madmen, drunk on your affection.
Kind cupbearer, pour all the tavern's spirits into my cup.
This drunkard has thirsted for your spirit for ages.
He is indifferent to you, who is infatuated with everyone.
The one you choose, to you belongs his fascination.
I too drank when I was filled by my Friend.
Now my fortune's turned, now the cupbearer never returns.
Every heart, infidel or believer, adores you.
You are the desire of the ka'ba, the splendour of the temple.
I am a stone in Khwaja's threshold, dust on Uthman's doorsill.
My religion is love, my cult licentiousness.
What could I possibly give you to honour you?
This impoverished man has nothing but a pining heart.
I am Khadim, I am a servant of Khwaja, I am a slave of Uthman.
A faqir hides within my princely countenance.

Naghma-e-dard 108

The sounding of my destiny beckoned me with exhilarating ecstasy.
I listen to that vibrant sound resounding throughout my own existence.
My own existence appears not mine but the vibrant being of my Friend.
From the moment of my destruction I have no being save living in my Friend.
You caused my existence to exist, You are my renown.
Certainly I am not, only You exist “ You are.
In idols I see the elegant Witness of the realms:
I found God, I witness to God, God I found in idol worship.
Eyes of my lovely Friend, plunderer of my faith are you:
In your infidel's splendour I see the worshipper of truth.
Why not dance your exuberance, o Khadim, with every particle of your existence.
The face of your exquisite Friend reflects in the exhilaration of your ecstasy.

Saz-e-Ishq 14

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