Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wu Hsin - The Doer

"Wu Hsin closes
In summary:
There is a single source,
The Source or
Another name of your choosing.
This world is a mere
Emanation from the Source,
The potential manifesting from
The pure Potentiality,
An appearance
Comprising tens of thousands of things.
Beings are but one of the
Tens of thousands of things.
Sentient and discriminating
Through whom
The Source functions.
This functioning,
Beings have named
Each being,
According to its nature
Performs its allotted tasks
During its time.
One’s nature is not chosen, controlled
Nor decided upon.
It is as it is intended to be.
One goes through
One’s life
Choosing between the dualities;
Good and bad
Happy and sad
Loving, hating
Interacting with a seeming other.
This is Life,
Alternating between two banks of
A flowing river.
Believing in their individuality,
Beings suffer as they strive to
Protect themselves from
A world that is in flux every moment.
How can they resist the changes of
The ever-changing?
It is a journey
Doomed to fail.
Embracing change is
Embracing What-is
In every moment.
It is saying “yes”
To Life,
Not Life as one would have it
But life as it is.
It is understanding that
There is no one
Doing anything
Other than
The Doer
And that each is an actor
On the stage.
The script is written
The sets arranged.
Watch the play,
Enjoy it.
Laugh, cry,
But never make the story
Your own."



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