Monday, August 3, 2015

Jami - True lovers

Happy is he who is able to escape from the lower self
and feel the gentle breeze of friendship.
His heart is so full of the Beloved
that there is no longer room for anyone else.
The Beloved flows through his every vein and nerve.
Every atom of his body is filled with the Friend.
The true lovers can no longer perceive
either the scent or the color of their own selves.
They have no interest in anything other than the Beloved.
Their heart is attached neither to throne nor crown.
Greed and lust have packed their bags and left their street.
If they speak, it is to the Friend.
If they seek, it is from the Friend.
They no longer take themselves into account,
and live only for love.
They, leave the raw and turn to the ripe,
abandoning completely the abode of the self.


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