Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Eja - Lines Inspired by Rumi

Lines Inspired by Rumi

Gamble everything for love
If you are a human being
Or else leave this gathering

Why waste your breath with words
When silence opens the great compassionate heart
Poets speak the language of birds
And hear the trembling voices of roses
Is it really so strange that one who is awake can walk through the grass
without disturbing one blade?
Each leaf that falls is a tear shed in silence
And the sound of the rain needs no translation
Listen to the conversation of the stars
And you will hear the answer that ends the darkness

What the poet, Sakaki, was asked, “Why do you write poems?”
He answered, “Because my heart is love burning...”
When Maya wraps you in a tender embrace…enjoy
But don’t get caught on the slaving meat wheel
Instead go find your Bodhi tree
And sit in silence for 49 days
Till awakened by the silver star of morning
And if this doesn’t work
Perhaps, a drunken sleep on the beach is best

No painter can truly paint the blue of the sky
No poet can truly translate the beauty of a rose
At best they can only point you toward the heart

In a single teardrop the mystery of love is revealed
I swear by all poets
That love has been
And forever will be
The only answer...

( Eamon Zicker)

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  1. Wow - Love this! - especially: "go find your Bodhi tree and sit in silence...." Yes! You find and post the most interesting people! :)

    1. You included, dear Christine..... :-) ♥