Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Roy Melvyn - Observe

The Absolute is that from which everything emanates. The Conscious Life Energy is Its primary emanation. If you need to have a God, then let the Conscious Life Energy be your God. It supports and sustains you and this conforms with God’s usual job description.

You can’t talk about Consciousness and non-duality. Duality is Consciousness, experiencing Itself as other than Itself via the creation of a unique viewpoint, you.
In this realm of duality, there is the Perceiving and the perceived, with the perceiver being the instrument of the Perceiving. So be clear that the perceiver is not the subject, but the vehicle through which Perceiving functions.

Understand this and you are halfway to realization. The other half of the way is being the understanding. Being the understanding means living the understanding. It also means surrendering the ultimate outcome to some force external to your seeming self.

Then, you do not occupy yourself with what you should do from morning to night. Trust that whatever arises will be addressed. Observe, observe, observe, until the Observing stands clearly and continuously apart from the observed.

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