Monday, July 7, 2014

Luke Storms - Preparation

picture H.Koppdelaney

Here is something entirely new

not relying on memory or

stories I have about myself.

A watching, from moment to moment

with a thread of something finer.

Accepting the coarse: tasting it,

observing the commentary, and the reactions that

pass like trains below a bridge.

Let them go.

Come back to this body

that is vibrant and alive.

Who am I?

I don’t know.

Profoundly relaxed.

A larger view comes into focus and

I am no longer divided.

I become receptive to a quality that

hovers above us like a sun pouring down.

An opening reveals itself,

Functioning like an antennae

that allows a different current to pass through.

It’s not about the “me” or the “you.”

We become mirrors, in which

we see and we are seen.

In giving ourselves

to this unthinkable now,

A seed of community is born.

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