Sunday, July 27, 2014

J.C. Amberchele - Truth

There are truths and there are untruths, and there are a
myriad of renditions and gradations of each. And then there
is Truth. Truth has no opposite. There are no different versions,
no degrees or shades of Truth. Truth be told, truth
cannot be told. Thus it is said to be unsayable, spoken of as
unspeakable, described as indescribable, for it is no-thing, is
void, empty, absent even of absence – and for this reason is
Presence Itself.
Truth is timeless. It has no beginning or end. Therefore
the way and the goal are the same, and that way and that
goal is Looking To See. All the religions of the world fall
short of Truth because Truth is not religious. Everything
that has ever been said in the name of God or Buddha or
Self can be discarded in favor of one look. For only Looking
To See will open the gate to Truth.
The proposition is that at the very center of your being
lies Truth. That which you think is “your being” is not
“yours” but is Truth Itself. You have no separate being apart
from Truth. You as who you think you are have nothing to
do with it, nothing to do with anything except as Truth having
everything to do with Itself.
Because Truth is at the center of your being, it is easy to
see. But like a man peering through his glasses searching for
his glasses, it is so easy to see that you miss it. In fact, Truth
is what you are, where you are, when you are. It is never
anywhere or any when else because there is not anywhere or
any when that you are not. Truth is everything that you see,
hear, touch, taste, think, or feel because there is nothing
outside of what you are. Truth is Who You Are, seeing only
Yourself, and you are both the seer and the seen – simply
said, you are Seeing Itself.
Thus the directive is to look. Look back. Look at what
is looking. Turn your attention 180 degrees from where you
normally look “out there” and see the awake emptiness here
where you are. Notice that it has no edges, no boundaries, is
infi nite in scope; is pure, clear, transparent emptiness, and
for that reason is open capacity for the world, is luminous
space wedded to what fills it, always right here, always
nearer than anything because everything fits within it.
This seeing who you are is not mysterious or vague or
somehow veiled. On the contrary, it is simple, concrete,
available. Likewise, it is revealed in simple, childlike ways,
ways that might seem ridiculous or naive to those of us who
value what we have learned and who we have become.
To anyone steeped in objective thinking, the sage may
seem a simpleton, a fool, especially when that sage lifts his
hand and points an index finger at his face and tells us he
sees he is the source of the universe, that in place of a head
he has the world, that should we bother to check in like
manner, perhaps we would discover the same.
For Truth cannot be reached by intellectual understanding.
Talking and reading about Truth is not the same as seeing
Truth. Words can become a barrier and, far too often,
an escape from the realization of Who You Are. But for
seekers of Truth, however many paths are taken, the arrival
is a single step through the eye of a needle, and that step is
not a word but a look, is not outward but inward. And what
does one see here? Surely not the eye of a needle but an Eye
as vast as the cosmos, an Eye that holds and beholds all that
one is – the universe itself. Look, and see for yourself!


The Almighty Mackerel
His Holy Bootstraps



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