Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Chuck Surface - A fellow Vagabond

Oh, make no mistake,
There is no "enlightened" or "awakened" one here,
Only a fellow Vagabond, like you.

Any seeming assertions,
Stated with seeming certainty,
Are only questions in disguise, certainly.

For Here, though the Heart is Illumined through Grace,
There is no "Knowledge" or "understanding",
Of this Great Mystery.

It's not that the Mind has been denigrated,
Or relegated by the Heart as irrelevant.
The poor fellow is simply... irremediably... Stymied.

There are times when the Unknowing,
Is more than he can bear,
And he collapses into the Heart's open arms.

Tears are shed, many sighs,
And ancient ages of frustration tearfully poured out,
To one sympathetic, but unable to see the problem.

In time, sobs diminish to whimpers,
A long sigh... a deep breath...
And the Mind's quest for knowledge is joined anew.

Ah, but he's fooling no one.
The Futility of "Knowing" is known.
Alas, the poor fellow simply is as he is.

Heart and Mind...
The Heart, drunk on The Beloved's Wine, Full and Complete.
The Mind, though intoxicated through proximity...

Always Wondering. 

There is no problem in this,
As it's all in the nature of things,
All as God Wills it.

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