Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nobody's Notes - Ramblings on Self Inquiry

“My” mind has been destroyed in the sense that it is no longer “mine”. Now it is just “the” mind. Many people think enlightenment is the end of thoughts and they struggle to achieve this goal. That’s stupid. Just stop believing thoughts and it doesn’t matter how many you have or what kind they are.


Ramblings on Self Inquiry

The methods we are dealing with are not questions, but devices. When you remove all the beliefs which these questions of “Who am I?” or “What is true?” rest on, the question collapses and you will realize Truth. There is no answer that can come from the mind to these questions. You must exhaust all possible answers until the question seems absolutely stupid. Then the truth can reveal itself.

Ultimately, the question, either “Who am I?” or “What is true?”, serves for you to realize on the level of experience that the mind and intellect are useless. Then a transformation will take place as you surrender your intellect. You will see where this question arises from and then there will be no more question at all. Understand that you are working towards a realization, not an intellectual understanding. The realization comes from the deepest parts of your being; the question is a device to bring you there. Once you are there, the question has served its purpose and is gone.

The methods/devices of self inquiry are not intellectual exercises, however, one could say they are meant in a way to exhaust the mind so extremely that it becomes absolutely fed up and surrenders the question itself into the truth. In that regard, it may be a very literal exercise. However, there is nothing intellectual about the truth. Mind is intellectual. Truth cannot come from the mind.

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