Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Michael Damian - the swift way of happiness


When there has been sufficient life experience, there comes the pressing urge to know the truth of one's being and to let that truth have its way in our lives at all cost. We don't know what the cost is beforehand, in terms of particular changes that may arise when we reach a new level of integrity and insight. Yet we are inevitably freed by the changes.

We can do this the hard way, which means long suffering and dissatisfaction caused by false compromise and the denial of truth and love in our lives, or we can go the swift way of living with deeper integrity and insight. When it comes from truth, it will always be seen that what happens is right and good. The fruit of the lesson or the loss is greater happiness and integrity of being.

If a so-called lesson is just a process of suffering and struggling, it is not a lesson. It is actually the refusal of the lesson. In that refusal and struggle we say we are learning or awakening, but unless it brings release and freedom, it is just repetitive suffering. We do not wake up just by suffering. We wake up and find happiness to the extent that we bring our suffering to the light of day, which is the light of consciousness, God, truth, or love. That light always cancels the heaviness of repetition and time, returning our awareness to its intrinsic timelessness, which is registered as flow and lightness.

The "place" where this correction happens is right here in our personal circumstances, because with integrity and insight, the personal life becomes a more faithful reflection of the divine truth --- a life of harmony, simplicity, and joy. That is why waking up and living in freedom is not about getting rid of the personality. It is about letting the personality and one's whole life be illumined and uplifted by truth rather than driven by ignorance, the state of (painfully) ignoring the truth of our being. 

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