Monday, September 16, 2013

Nirvani Teasley - Little Wonders/Seeker(ghazal)

Little Wonders

Some days
My heart is so full,
This little body
Can’t contain it.
I weep
A rushing river.
It’s a wonder
That love like that
Could ever
Be contained.


I seek night and day, for just a glimpse of that bliss,
To refresh my depleted soul, to end its weariness with that bliss.

I call near and far, with only echoes for my friends.
My spirit mellows, fatigued of unconsciousness of that bliss.

I shed tears, hollowed out spheres wanting to be filled with what?
It evades me, time and again, the insatiable kiss of that bliss.

I touched its flighty wings once and screamed ecstatic silence.
I fell delirious into its open arms and still I was dismissed by that bliss.

To have tasted of the rapture, but never keep is Jennifer’s madness.
And in death, with only a whisper on lips of the awareness of that bliss.

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