Friday, July 26, 2013

Kena Upanishad - Not Knowing is Knowing

If you think that you know well in truth of Brahman, know that you know little. What you think to be Brahman in your self, or what you think to be Brahman in the gods--that is not Brahman. What is indeed the truth of Brahman you must therefore learn.

I cannot say that I know Brahman fully. Nor can I say that I know him not. He among us knows him best who understand the spirit of the words: "Nor do I know that I know not."

He truly knows Brahman who knows him as beyond knowledge; he who thinks that he knows knows not. The ignorant think that Brahman is known, but the wise know him to be beyond knowledge.

He who realizes the existence of Brahman behind every activity of his being--whether sensing, perceiving, or thinking--he alone gains immortality.

Through knowledge of Brahman comes power. Through knowledge of Brahman comes victory over death. Blessed is the man who while he yet lives realizes Brahman. The man who realizes him not suffers his greatest loss.

When they depart this life, the wise, who have realized Brahman as the Self in all beings, become immortal.

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