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The Form of Awareness

Awareness has no form of its own.  It is absolute emptiness, like space, yet is clearly aware.  It is our immediate awareness that is the experiencing knowingness in oneness with all experience.  There is no distance between our experience and our awareness of it.  There is no better or worse for awareness.  All experiences are equal in value.  Its form is our exact experience just as it is being experienced.  All sensory input and our thoughts about sensory experience are the forms awareness is taking in every moment.  Whatever the experience, it is the form of our awareness, and is therefore perfect.  We can give up trying to create an improved life, emotional or psychological conditions as well as give up trying to resist “negative” life, emotional or psychological conditions.  Each moment of experience is the perfection of our self-expression, the manifestation of our awareness.  Recognizing this is the form awareness is taking in that moment.  Not recognizing this is also the form awareness is taking in that moment.  But at no time is changeless awareness becoming this or that.   Like a mirror, the reflections have no benefit or harm to the mirror.  Likewise, our experiences have no benefit or harm to our awareness, as they are the forms of our awareness.


Final Resolution and Total Relaxation in Dzogchen

by Jackson Peterson on Thursday, 10 November 2011
In the Dzogchen phase of pracitce known as Trekchod or "cutting through tension", there eventually comes a sense of completion: no more practice, no searching and no effort to "stabilize a state".  When it is recognized that Awareness or Beingness is naked of any particular flavor or form or "feel", that Awareness is then known to be the Knowing within all experience.  All experience is equal in this case or sometimes known as "same taste" in Dzogchen or Buddhist Mahamudra.
We have to be alert that we don't have a subtle definition of Awareness that colors its empty, nakedness.  That means we , by mistake, make Awareness into a particualr state of experience.  That would be like:  "Awareness is a clear openness that is spacious and serene" or "a sense of awakened-ness" or "transparency" or "bliss" or "love" etc.  We then have defined Awareness  and by doing so we have made it possible to lose the "state of Awareness".  When we aren't feeling that "clear openness that is spacious and serene" we feel we have lost Awareness. But Awareness has no definition, all experience is the experience of Awareness.  Awareness has no form or state of its own. That then allows Awareness to be every state, every feeling,every emotion,every thought, every identity sensation, every perception. That being so, what is there left to achieve?  Every experience, happy, sad or neutral is the appearance of Awareness. We give up completely the notion that Awareness has to have some particular flavor or color. Oh my god, we can finally really relax! Its over!  Every experience is equal in Awareness! What could you possibly practice?  You are already aware, so you don't need to become aware.  Everything is already happening however its happening, so there is nothing special to do. No special "state" to attain!  If you experience a special state, that's  fine, but it will never become stable.  The only stability is your unchanging perceiving of whatever is experienced. That unchanging perceivingness is Awareness, the heart of the Dharmakaya (Pure Primordial Being).

Our consciousness is like a little sphere of pure awareness that for a time takes on a temporary form like a crystal sphere. Its seems like it is in the vast ocean of empty pure awareness as a little circular "ice cube" sphere  that crystallizes as a vibration, like a photon of light. When this bead of awareness becomes aware of itself fully, it reverts to the non-local wave-state of vast Awareness. This is the work we do in Tibetan Dzogchen. We reverse the "collapsed" wave state as a "particle" of Light Awareness, back into "super position" non-locality. Then all of its elaborations like the body, energy and mind revert to the status of Pure Light Awareness.

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