Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ulla - Silence

What rest in Silence but the first sigh so words could out of it fly!

 Silent Beat!

Between thoughts and mind,
Man can the heart find.

Beating effortlessly with the pulse of life,
It is void of chatter and portrayal of strife.

It is so simple and spontaneous that it often passes man by,
Like a cloud in the sky.

When thoughts and words cross the road,
Man is burdened with separation and the conceptual load.

Discovering the silent beat,
Render mind’s chatter obsolete.  

 The Silencer!

The Silencer has nothing to offer,
When it comes to the conceptual coffer.

The silencer does not talk a great deal,
Mental noise and speaking holds no appeal.

The Silencer walks with no crowd,
Has nothing to say or being over anything proud.

The Silencer does not take delivery of volition,
Or adhere to any tradition or mission,

The Silencer in stillness rest no longer moved by any quest.
The Silencer can be found,
Behind the thoughts that race around and around!

The Silencer is TOTAL presence,
The primordial quintessence of silent omnipresence!

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