Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nirmala - The Heart's Wisdom


The truth is that which opens the Heart. The capacity to sense the truth is something we all
already have. We all have a Heart that is already accurately showing us how true things are.
Anything that puts you in touch with more of the truth opens the Heart. This is a literal and
experiential description of truth. When your experience is bringing you more truth, there is a
sense of opening, softening, relaxation, expansion, fulfillment, and satisfaction in the Heart. This
can be most directly sensed in the center of the chest, but the Heart of all Being is infinite and
therefore actually bigger than your entire body. So this opening, softening, and expansion is
actually happening everywhere; we just sense it most clearly and directly in the center of the
When you encounter truth, the sense of your self opens, expands, softens, fills in, and lets
go. The me, the sense of your self, is no longer felt to be so limited or small. It becomes more
complete and unbounded. The boundaries soften and dissolve, and any sense of inadequacy,
limitation, or deficiency is lessened or eliminated. 
As a side effect of being in touch with more of the truth, your mind gets quieter because you
simply have less to think about. Even knowing a simple truth like where your car keys are gives
you less to think about. And when you touch upon a very large truth, your mind becomes even quieter, like when you see the ocean for the first time: The truth or reality you’re viewing is so
immense that, at least for a moment, your mind is stopped and becomes very quiet.
In contrast, when your experience is moving into a diminished or smaller experience of the
truth and of reality, the Heart contracts. The sense of your self gets tight, hard, contracted, and
feels incomplete, bounded, and limited. It can feel like you are small, inadequate, or unworthy.
The smallness of the truth is reflected in the smallness of the sense of your self. The result of
being less in touch with the truth is that your mind gets busier as it tries to figure out what is true.
Fortunately, your Being is never diminished or contracted, only the sense of your self. Just
as blocking your view of the whole room by partially covering your eyes makes your sense of
the room smaller without actually making the room smaller, an idea or belief that is not very true
is reflected in a small sense of your self, without actually limiting or contracting your Being.
This opening and closing of the Heart in response to the degree of truth you are experiencing
isn’t something you need to practice or perfect. Your Heart has been accurately and perfectly
showing you how true your experience has been all along. If you start to notice your Heart’s
openings and closings, you’ll discover that you already have everything you need to determine
what is true. The Heart is the true inner teacher, the source of inner guidance we all have as our
birthright. You don’t need a spiritual teacher or spiritual books to show you what is true, just
your own Heart.


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